Emma Grant

About Me
My story goes that cycling found me through a Talent ID programme. I lied about my age as I was too young in order to get tested out for different olympic sports. All I wanted to do from a young age was be a pro runner and without a competitive outlet I was a nightmare amongst 3 other competitive siblings so sport was the path! My first ever race was a little scarring bolting over my bars and knocking out my front teeth, my dad popped them in some milk to preserve them for the duration of the ambulance ride. Undeterred I persevered on a wild 10 year journey riding out the highs and lows as a roadie. Cherished good times- top 10 Gc at tour of California and tour down under. Stronger for it but a tad miserable memories- winning the sunset stage at Redlands on a broken elbow and battling my way back from two iliac artery endofibrosis surgeries. After a rough season with a bonkers Spanish team I tried really hard to quit cycling and get a sensible job. However I got lured back in via the gravel scene and have not looked back. With a fresh outlook and sense of renewal on every level I am incredibly excited to seize opportunities in off road racing in 2023. I feel very fortunate to be able to keep exploring my limits. 

These are a few of my favourite off the bike things... cooking from scratch, making up concoctions chucking stuff in the blender, picnics, sunrise and sunsets, camping, unplanned airplane mode adventures, yoga, morning reading.

Career Highlights
  • U23 National Road Championships GB 2nd 2013
  • Top 10 GC Amgen Tour of California and Tour Down Under 2018
  • Redlands Cycling Classic Sunset Stage winner 2018
  • Cascade Classic 2x stage wins and overall GC winner 2019 

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