Kara Hewitt

About Kara
Kara is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian on the seacoast of New Hampshire. She works with a wide range of individuals through nutrition and personal training, in person and virtual. She enjoys working closely with athletes and their nutrition, and seeing them progress with their sport when they learn how to properly fuel themselves.

Andrew’s fundamental approach with all athletes is blending a positive life changing opportunity with personal success that extends well beyond any finish line. The training plans are non-traditional with a focus on a one-on-one athlete/coach relationship that is rooted in communication and commitment to the process of transcending athletes goals. 

Whether athletes are new to triathlons, any endurance related event, or have been competing in them for many years, Andrew partners with clients to ensure each athletes personal fitness goals are realized and achieved.
Elite Athlete Coaching Package
Starting at $350/month
General Wellness Coaching Package
Starting at $285/month
Individual Nutrition Consultations 
Starting at $125


  • English
  • Dover, NH
  • -Registered Dietitian
  • -Certified Personal Trainer
  • -Level-1 Certified Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach

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